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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
Rachel Hausmann Frustration, sadness, anger
Rachel K. Bury
Rachel Schragis
Rachel Schragis Frustration
Rachelle Vasquez Sadness, depression and failure.
Raina Panagiotopoulos
Randizo stress , resentment , pain , hemmorage
Raphael Alexsander Depression and anger
Raul Gonzalez
Rebecca Baldwin heaviness guilt
Rebecca Kuzemchak I tend to think about my debt with resignation, and speak about it with humor. When you have six...
Rebecca Rose Anxiety Depression Nihilism Failure Suicidal tendencies Indentured servitude Hopelessness...
Red Stress and the will to fight, persevere, and thrive beyond the debt
Renee Cleare
Renee Valenti Fear and stress. It's kind of constantly there in the back of my mind.
Rey Zorro tricky question, but fear, panic, anger...etc
Ricardo Cisneros anxiety, fear, some depression
Rick Vagnini Mainly negative as one can imagine.It's way past emotions. The future becomes so much more...
Ricky Sears Fear, sadness, and anger
Rita Alves I feel like I have PTSD because of it, and I hear that's actually a real thing-- PTSD from...
Rita Valley
Rob Samartino Guilt, shame, rage
Robert Schaad Fear, sadness.
Roberto Jamora Anxiety, fear, guilt
Roberto Lugo Hopelessness, overwhelming anxiety, anger.
Roma Pas A mixture of sadness and stress. And anger...that it's making me do yoga... and I hate yoga....
Ronald D. Gosses Just being down.
Ronald Llewellyn Jones
Rosary Solimanto Frustration, fear, anxiety, sadness, overwhelming enviromental background of inservitude.
Russell Etchen
Ruyin Deep breathing
Ryan M Schroeder Fear, depression, sadness, ennui, sorrow, frustration, helplessness. Confusion about how to move...