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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
Nadia Adil Al-Khalifah
Nancy June Wood
Nancy June Wood hopelessness, anxiety, worthlessness
Nancy Popp
Nancy Wyllie Angst and a strong desire to escape into restful sleep
Natalie McLaurin Fatalism, it is depressing and will never go away.
Nathan Orosco I feel that systematic debt has simply just become a part of everyday life for most people and this...
Nathaniel Sullivan A lot of pressure and hunger. It puts stress on my relationships with my wife and family....
Neil Goss Honestly, worthlessness sometimes comes to my mind. Mainly due to the reality that I struggle to...
NFS a feeling of living precariously, fear
Nicholas Knutson Grief, embarrassment, pain, disgust, shame.
Nick Aquilino Anxiety, depression, frustration, helplessness.
Nico Frustration. Being trapped. Being in jail. Not having enough resources to be me. Lack of enthusiasm...
Nicole Goodwin Guilt, shame, feelings of inadequacy.
Niki Singleton Major stress and worry and often depression!
Nina Bovasso upset and melancholy. inertia & being stuck. frustration. you work your butt off and the...
Nina Marinick
NM Jensen anxiety
Noah Fischer
NoƩ Arteaga Anxiety and embarrassment.
Noe Gaytan (accent on e and 2nd a) Despair.
nonstudio Fear, action, empowerment, absurdity
Norjork Frustration, insecurities, requestioning life choices that got me in debt (master degree???)
Nova Silbaugh Fear of failure, being homeless, and not being able to support my children. I spent part of my...
NS Sad, frustrated, angry, defeated, fearful.