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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
Madeline Zappala Shame, powerlessness, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, disassociation, childish, like I am in a state...
Maegen Babb Depression and anxiety.
Marc Newsome
marcia wolfson ray It is stressful knowing you are not making enough money to cover your living expenses.
Margaret Noble I do not have regrets but I imagine that I will be working hard until I die to catch up on my debt.
Maria Cristina Jadick Stress
Maria Cristina Jadick
Maria Wallace Shame, anger, smh, wtf, frustration, self-recrimination, tiredness.
Mariangeles Soto-Diaz
Marjorie Thompson I have been extremely depressed, many times I don't want to create art. Due to the fact that s...
Mark McLoughlin occasional anxiety
Mark Rumsey disgust
Marlene Luce My own debt brings up feelings of confusion, mild apathy, and even a certain amount of gratitude...
martin durazo Anxiety and dispair
Marty Burns Stress, Anxiety, Fear.
Mary Younkin Guilt, despair, failure, frustration, denial, anger, panic, anxiety, hopelessness
Mason Rankin
Matthew Scott Gualco Stress, Worry, Anger, Fear
Maura Falfan
Maura Falfan Anguish mixed with shame
Mauricio Menjivar
Melanie Parke
Melinda Laszczynski
Melissa Walter
MELQUIADES ROSARIO SASTRE Depression, anxiety and feeling of not living more.
Meredith Degyansky
Meredith Lynn Anxiety. My husband and I both work in academia in non-tenure track positions. Our job situations...
Michael Allen Martin
Michael Pointer It stresses me a bit. I have clinical depression and ADHD so I have some coping mechanisms, but I...
Michael Villarreal Anxiety is what develops when I think about my debt. This is due not only to the large amount I owe...
Michael Watson Bondage, constant stress and helplessness.
Michele Monseau Dread, anger, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, fearful of an uncertain future
Michelle At least it's not cancer. This won't kill me.
Michelle Daly There's an overwhelmingness to it as well as an element of shame.
Michelle Downey
Michelle Wilson Thinking about debt makes me feel overwhelmed; there is a fear for my future, fear that I will not...
Mila Rochenner I feel a lack of responsibility, a sense of frustration. My anxiety is so high that I cannot...
Miles Conrad I tend to get very anxious about it so I try not to think in those terms. I am much happier when I...
Miller Studio Stomach ache, anxiety. Stress. Sadness.
Minaa Mohsin Despair. Doing what one loves should not have such a huge cost attached to it. All the time and...
MME anxiety and depression
Molly Dilworth Depression, shame, fear.
Molly Surazhsky To be honest, there is a real feeling of inadequacy that stems from systematic class struggle...
Monica L. Bernal Anxiety and depression -- Spiritless about a bright future with my partner.
Monica Tiulescu responsibility, urgency, conviction
Monica Vidal
Morgan Joseph Hamilton Ambivalence, deniable anxiety
Mya Byrne Sadness, self-doubt, lack of self-worth, anger, fear
myung gyun you actually, I don't have any certain plan.