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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
Lance Rautzhan Mostly Anger. Anger at myself for not paying attention. Anger at a broken predatory system. When I...
Lara Anne
Larry Graeber Anxiety and determination
las pervertidas endeudadas suicide, murder, terrorism, depression, anxiety, obsession, fear
Latrice Jackson Thinking about debt creates anxiety, fear, loneliness, confusion, lost of inspiration, lost of...
Laura Marsh Debt is = frustration and oppression.
Laura Moriarty I am grateful that, provided my husband and I remain healthy, our debt is manageable. But we have...
Laura Napier
Lauren A. McQuistion Anxiety and determination
Lauren E. Yandell
Laurie M. I am incredibly independent minded so this debt has brought up many emotions. I try not to focus on...
lee T The thought of my debts mainly brings me into a state of worry and constant pressureתfact affects...
Leslie M. Guzm√°n
Levi Rosen
Liesa K. Lietzke Hopelessness, frustration
Lina Dib
Lina Dib Anxiety; Confusion; Courage; Resolve
Lindsay Rhyner Fear and stress. It's kind of constantly there in the back of my mind.
Lisa McCarty Anxiety, but not on an everyday basis. I equate my student loans to a home loan. My home is not...
Lisa Sigal I try to avoid thinking about my debt.
Loosing Hope Depression, frustration, worry, anxiety
Lorie Caval Thinking about debt usually elicits a feeling of fear - as though it might eventually overtake you...
lorna ritz worry
Lourdes Frustration, I feel that I am living in a shaky ground.
LSolomon Embarrassment. Art-making is as much for the privileged as is art-collecting. I was a fool to ever...
Lu Zhang Shame, anger, smh, wtf, frustration, self-recrimination, tiredness.