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Artist Name sort descending What emotions does thinking about your debt elicit?
G Douglas Barrett Anxiety, fear, embarrassment, depression, lack of self-worth.
Gabriella Szpunt
Gabriella Szpunt I try not to think too much about my debt, but when I do I quickly become overwhelmed and anxious...
Galt Q Mikesell confusion
Gamaliel Rodriguez It is a difficult not to think of debts when you decided to have a family or even create and art...
Gavin P. Jones hopelessness, inadequacy, loss of freedom.
ghislaine sabiti I need to be patient until my deb situation go better.
Gin Stone gut wrenching
Gioia Fonda On a bad day: hopelessness, failure, futility, despair, exhaustion, guilt, stupidity, absurd...
gORAN I don't want to think about it. It like a annoying itch that won't go away.
Grayson Earle Anxiety for the most part, or anger if I'm lucky.
Greg Ruffing Mostly it elicits frustration and anger at a political-economic system that devalues education...
Greg Scott
Gregory Sholette
Guillaume Légaré The fact that I accumulated debts at a very young age to be able to get an education and develop an...
Gwenn-Aël Lynn a mixture of anxiety and anger